Runyon is excited to announce that Washington D.C.’s Rappahannock Oyster Bar will be opening its first West Coast location at ROW DTLA. Recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the best oyster bars in America, the concept is known for its artisanal small plates and, of course, an incredible variety of world-class oysters and clams.

For more than 100 years, the Rappahannock Oyster Co. has been owned and operated by the Croxton family. Their oysters are served at hundreds of the world’s best restaurants. Known for their eco-consciousness, current owners, Ryan and Travis, recipients of the 2005 Food & Wine Magazine “Tastemaker’s Award,” go beyond “sustainability” to grow their oysters in a way that’s actually restorative to the environment.

Rappahannock at ROW DTLA opens Summer 2017.