Fillmore and Abbot Kinney

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Neighborhood Streets in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Beginning in 2012, Runyon identified opportunities on specific neighborhood streets in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Working with both like minded landlords and tenants, Runyon has leased 20 spaces on Fillmore and Abbott Kinney to both independent and national retailers.

Abbott Kinney is the coolest block in America.


Using its deep local connections, Runyon sourced off market deals for tenants it was representing and worked with Landlords to upgrade the quality of tenancy in their buildings. The result of Runyon’s efforts are two of the healthiest neighborhood retail streets on the West Coast both in terms of retail volumes and rents. Runyon is currently working on securing space on neighborhood streets with the early potential it identified in both Fillmore and Abbot Kinney.

The 28-year-old partner at Runyon Group . . . has settled 13 fashion and beauty brands [on Fillmore], including Curve, Alice + Olivia, Joie, Nars Cosmetics, Le Labo and Jarbo, into the quaint buildings built in the early 1900s.

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